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Three Engineers Oy – A Story of Three Engineers

Unlike many great Finnish inventions, the idea for this gin wasn't born in a Sauna – or at least we won't admit it. Instead, the idea of this masterpiece matured in the corridors of a Finnish Engineering office for a few years.

Juho's interest in distilling was sparked by the stories of his grandfather and a relative who worked as a surveyor, in which they met local farmhouse masters distilling alcohol under the shelter of a spruce. Their self-made pans and the distillate flavored with herbs picked up from the nearby forest made the young Engineer curious – he had to try it himself!

Instead of Moonshine, Juho wanted to distill a much more refined product: Gin. After numerous distillations and herbal concoctions, he invited Three Engineers into a dark conference room to taste his first creation, a pre-release version of 3E Gin.

That tasting was the beginning of 3E Gin's multi-year R&D process, during which we tasted dozens of different gins. We gained a solid understanding of the combination of flavors that we wanted to taste in our own gin. The final result in Autumn 2022 was an earthy, gently herbal and velvety soft 3E Gin.

Three Engineers Oy had to be created.




Juho is a traditional Engineer in a good way: analytical, precise and quality conscious. This engineering mindset combined with endless curiosity and perseverance creates the basis for all our products.

Juho holds a B.Sc. from Mechanical Engineering and is responsible for the recipe and R&D of our products. 

Juho is the Gyro Gearloose of the Trio and he spends his free-time extracting and testing different combinations of herbs. He recognizes even the slightest nuances in drinks.




Henri is a brave visionary and a dreamer. He gets excited easily and sees nothing but opportunities around him when it comes to creating new brands or businesses.

Henri holds a M.Sc. from Industrial Engineering and Management and is responsible for our strategy, brand and marketing of our products.

Henri is an occasional connoisseur and appreciates quality drinks prepared with a thought. In addition to 3E Gin, one of his favourite drinks is a legendary Mojito.




Veli-Matti is the voice of reason in our company, who, in addition to negotiating contracts, ensures that our bank account never gets empty.

Veli-Matti is a M.Sc. from Mechanical Engineering and is responsible for our contracts, finance and the iteration of Three Engineers' wild concepts and ideas.

Veli-Matti is an absolutist who understands the meaning of alcohol products and the pleasure they provide. He likes to act as a bartender for guests at home, without tasting the drinks himself.